Proposed expansions in Mill area

1) New fractionation of 100 MT Per Day, the existing one will be used to fractionate 50 MT per day of RPKO
2) PKC Pellet plant – to pelletize the Palm kernel cake so that it can be exported thereby earning better returns and forex for the company.
3) Packaging Plant – to package our products in retail packs and jerry cans. This will reduce our dependence on food industry and also give better margins
4) Bio Methane Plant – to generate Methane gas from Organic industrial waste 
5) Turbine of 2.5 MW – Condensing / Extraction type
6) Boiler of 30 MT per Hour @ 25 Bar steam pressure

OBARETIN HOUSING 2.jpg OLOGBO 12.jpg OBARETIN 1.jpg OBARETIN 8.jpg OBARETIN TRUCKS.jpg OLOGBO 1.jpg OLOGBO 15.jpg OLOGBO 10.jpg OLOGBO 17.jpg OLOGBO 24.jpg OLOGBO 14.jpg OLOGBO 20.jpg OLOGBO NDPC 2.jpg OLOGBO 9.jpg SAKPONBA 6.jpg UBIMA WORKSHOP.jpg SAKPONBA NURSERY 2.jpg SAKPONBA 7.jpg PRESCO MILL.jpg UBIMA HOUSING.jpg UBIMA MILL.jpg UBIMA NURSERY.jpg _A222740(1).jpg Ticket---def(1).jpg _A222734.jpg _A263538.jpg _A263798.jpg _A295529(1).jpg Handen-met-palmnoten.jpg _A253246.jpg