Concession Areas

Obaretin Estate 

The Obaretin Estate located 22 km by road to the south of Benin City, is situated between the main Benin / Sapele road and the Benin / Abraka road. 

The total concession is 6,462 hectares.


Cowan Estate 

Unilever started development of the Cowan Estate in 1937. The estate was subsequently transferred to Pamol, a subsidiary of Unilever. In 1971, the Mid West Government purchased the estate from Pamol on behalf of OPC. 
In February 1996, Presco took over the Cowan Estate from OPC on lease. The total concession is 2,822 hectares. 

Ologbo Estate 

The Ologbo land concession of 12,560Ha include a conservation area of about 4,081Ha. 8,429Ha have been planted todate.

Sakponba Estate 

A new acquisition of 14,400 Ha and another 2,500Ha in Orhiomwon local government area of Edo state has added to the company's land bank. Pre-requisite studies i.e HCV, EIA e.t.c are currently going on at these locations, preparatory to commence development of Oil Palm and Rubber.

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