PRESCO PLC – Producer of Specialty Fats and Oils

Presco is a fully-integrated agro-industrial establishment with oil palm plantations, a palm oil mill, a palm kernel crushing plant and a vegetable oil refining and fractionation plant. It's the first of its kind in West Africa.

Presco specialises in the cultivation of oil palm and in the extraction, refining and fractionation of crude palm oil into finished products.

Presco supplies specialty fats and oils of outstanding quality to customer specifications and assures a reliability of supply of its products year round. This is made possible by the integrated nature of the company’s production process.

Presco is the Nigerian market leader for specialty fats and oils. 



To be the Nigerian market leader for specialty fats and oils


To satisfy  the needs of  our customers in the food industry with respect to quality and quantity
To increase the planted area according to RSPO rules

To expand the process capacity according to the plantation expansion

To operate  and act as a socially responsible corporate body

 2014  GOALS

To increase  planted area by 1500 hectares in 2014.

To improve  Key operational parameters for increased efficiency.
To optimally operate the increased processing capacity of the palm oil mill to cope with increasing production of fresh fruit bunches.

To consolidate leadership using the expanded capacity of the refinery and fractionation facility and
the results of our research and development efforts. 
To penetrate the retail market for greater market share.